Jönköping International Business School

JIBS uses the business world as a platform for education. As a JIBS student you will have plenty of contacts with business life in the region and your courses will be closely tied to the world of local companies.

In many study programmes, students receive a host company, providing them with the opportunity to integrate theoretical concepts with practical experience.

Students choose a company they find interesting and those who have chosen the same company make up a group that will work together. This means that the host company programme is not only a great hands-on way of learning about the business world but also an exercise in collaboration.

JIBS has approximately 350 host companies, working in different fields and varying in size from small family businesses to large corporations.

The host company assignments make it a shorter leap for students when entering working life after finishing their education.


  • Learn to cooperate, at times under pressure
  • Develop your oral presentation skills
  • Gain close contact with industry, public bodies and organizations outside the university
  • Establish important personal contacts
  • Get thesis suggestions
  • Possibility to find summer jobs or internships.

On a number of occasions, students have had the opportunity to discuss their findings with the host company and their solutions have actually been implemented.