CeFEO regularly engage in collaborations with local and nordic organizations in organizing workshops and events, with the purpose of communicating our research results and developing new partnerships.

Recent collaborations:

  • FBN Norway (Oslo, Norway)
  • FBN Sweden and Vinge (Stockholm)
  • FBN Finland (Helsinki, Finland)
  • Chamber of Commerce (Jönköping)
  • Swedish Board of Agriculture (Jönköping)
  • Rotary Business Network (Jönköping)
  • StyrelseAkademien (Jönköping)
  • Almi (Jönköping)
  • Grant Thornton (Stockholm)
  • Nordea (Jönköping)

For more information and for exploring opportunities for co-organizing events or workshops, please contact the CeFEO Outreach Champion Joaquin Cestino.