Leading and Owning a Family Enterprise

7.5 ECTS; undergraduate course—JIBS

This is a new elective bachelor course on Family Business and Ownership, first introduced in Spring 2020. The course offers for the first time at JIBS the opportunity for Bachelor students (both internal and on exchange) to get insight into common characteristics and challenges of leading and owning family enterprises. The course is structured in 5 modules. Each module is case-based and offers a balanced combination of academic knowledge and a strong connection to practice. The topics covered in the modules include: introduction to family enterprises; succession; leadership; emotions, relationships and conflicts; sustainability issues.
Examiner: Daniel Pittino (2023); Sumaya Hashim (2022); Annika Hall (2020; 2021).

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Governance for Sustainability and Responsible Ownership

7,5 ECTS; undergraduate course—JIBS

First introduced in 2019 as part of the new bachelor program in Sustainable Enterprise Development, this course was designed to bring the leading academic position in ownership research and education of CeFEO into the class environment. It provides a broad understanding of governance and ownership so that students can understand its elements, dynamics and complexities. The course covers the relevant aspects including meaning and relevance of ownership and governance in the context of different businesses; meaning and relevance of governance for sustainable and responsible ownership; ownership goals and protection of ownership; ownership changes; conflicts in ownership; governance and boards practices; development of responsible owners; development of sustainability through corporate governance.
Examiner: Mark Edwards (2019-2023).

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