The mission and vision of CeFEO mean to build upon our already strong human resources and to grow in terms of professors, research fellows, doctoral candidates and research assistants.

Currently, the people at CeFEO include several permanent Faculty members employed at Jönköping International Business School (Professors; Senior Associate Professors; Associate Professors; Assistant Professors), as well as Post-Doctoral Researchers, Doctoral Candidates and administrative staff.

Moreover, we also have Affiliated Professors and Researchers who are collaborating with CeFEO and part of the centre's activities while working at another institution.

CeFEO also value the contribution of a strong and engaged Advisory Board that support the centre in the definition of its strategy and priorities.

The centre has also a solid academic and practitioners network that can be seen in the CeFEO Practitioners' Network and in the large number of Guests that visit CeFEO every years.