Content updated 2020-03-04


To complete the Pathway Programme, you must earn a passing grade on all examinations. You will then receive a Pathway Certificate together with a transcript of your grades. 

Depending on the details of your specific Pathway Programme, the certificate automatically gives you access to your following programme to which you have a conditional offer or makes it possible for you to apply to other programmes and universities. To learn more about the possibilities for you after Pathway, contact Pathway Admissions ( or your study counsellor

Upon completion of your courses, we will register your grades before the Completion Ceremony. However, re-examintions and late submissions of assignments can cause a delay. The last date for reporting grades is 20 May or 20 December.

For more information about deadlines and grades, read here

Because of the short time between examinations and completion of the programme, we are not able to provide your printed certificate at the time of the ceremony. Your certificate will be available at the JU Service Center the following week, three working days after the ceremony. It is possible for us to send your printed certificate to you via post, should it be needed. We will ask you for your address to enable us to do so.

It is also possible to print the transcript of your grades from the university service Student-Ladok external link, opens in new windowand this transcript can be digitally validated.