• The University Library's access to SIS standards
    Standards are often described as common solutions to recurring problems. They are developed and used in most areas of society. Via the University Library, you have access to a wide range of standards and you can also submit requests for new ones.
  • Fiction area open again
    On Tuesday 17 May, the fiction department on floor 2 will reopen after the renovation. You will now be able to use the doors between the library and the group room corridor again.
  • New information desk in the library
    In a few weeks, we can look forward to a new information desk at a new location in the library. Until then, you will be able to ask us questions in a couple of different places, initially in Caffè Dallucci.
  • Welcome to the last book club of the semester!
    We end the semester with the historical novel The Book of Lost Names by Kristin Harmel. The book is based on a true story and revolves around a young woman who helps Jewish children escape from the Nazis during World War II.
  • The children's books area is open again
    The renovation of the children's book department on floor 3 is complete and you are welcome to find and borrow books again. The study seats will be back soon.
  • Doctoral Do's and Don'ts: How to explore your subject in Scopus
    Doctoral Do's and Don'ts is a series of mini-lectures, where the library's team for research support share useful tips for doctoral students.
  • The fiction section temporarily closed
    The renovation of the fiction section on floor 2 will soon begin. The work will continue for a couple of weeks. At the same time, the renovation begins in the quiet reading room on floor 2.
  • The children's books area temporarily closed
    The renovation work will continue to the children's book area on floor 3 of the library. The area will be completely closed for a couple of weeks. The doors between the group room corridor on floor 3 and the library will also be closed.
  • Welcome to the library Zoom drop-in!
    Have the questions about search terms, databases and references piled up over the Easter weekend? Don't worry, the library's Zoom drop-in is back after the Easter break. Take the opportunity to ask your questions on Tuesdays 14:00–15:00 and Fridays 11:00–12:00.Link to our Zoom drop-inWelcome!
  • Changed opening hours during Easter
    The library will close at 14:00 on Maundy Thursday and is closed the whole Easter weekend. Welcome back on Tuesday 19 April.The library drop-in Zoom in on your assignment will take an Easter break and will also be back again on Tuesday 19 April.Happy Easter!
  • Doctoral Do's and Don'ts: How to get help with your research data
    Doctoral Do's and Don'ts is a series of mini-lectures, where the library's team for research support share useful tips for doctoral students.
  • The library book club open for everyone
    Come and read with us! We are deleting the line "for students" in the title and welcome everyone, students and staff, to join our book club.
  • The renovation continues on floor 1
    The renovation continues on the first floor and most of it will be closed for the next four weeks. Floor 2 opens again and we will place as many temporary study seats as we can there.
  • Join the library book club for students
    Do you enjoy reading and discussing? Do you want to meet like-minded people? Come read together with our book club!
  • Pop-up library on campus this spring
    This spring, our teaching librarians are making a small tour of the JU campus. The School of Engineering was visited a couple of weeks ago and on Tuesday, 15 March, it is JIBS' turn to receive a visit.
  • Temporary changes on the ground floor
    The study seats with computers will be removed on Monday 14 March. At the same time, a major relocation of the books on the ground floor will begin.
  • The next step in the library makeover
    From next week, the renovation of the library will continue into the book hall, which means that the study environment will be a bit messy in the near future. The journals room will close and you will need to let the library know if you want to borrow books from floor 2.
  • Doctoral Do's and Don'ts: Beware of predatory journals!​
    Doctoral Do's and Don'ts is a series of mini-lectures, where the library's team for research support share useful tips for doctoral students.
  • Limited opening hours for the library group rooms
    The renovation of the library's entrance hall leads to limited access to the group rooms.
  • Renovation of the library entrance hall
    Next week, the renovation of the library's entrance hall will begin. During this time, the library will have temporary entrances via Caffè Dallucci and the journals room. From Monday 21 February, the group rooms will have the same opening hours as the libray.