SPARK is a research and education environment that includes several of Jönköping University's research and education areas. For SPARK's strategic development and everyday operations, the environment has a number of teams with different roles and responsibilities.

Below you can see our organisational chart and the area of ​​responsibilities for each team within SPARK.

SPARK Steering Committee

The steering committee is acting on behalf of the president of Jönköping University to lead and monitor the overall and long-term development of the environment.

SPARK Advisory Board

The advisory board is connected to the steering committe and provides an external and independent view on strategies, operational plans and progress for the environment's development towards its goals.

SPARK Management Team

The role of the management team is to develop proposals for strategic development, review and prioritize project proposals, and anchor work within Jönköping University's organization. Its work is led by the programme manager and the group consists of representatives from departments/groups conducting research and education relevant to the environment.

SPARK Operational Team

It is the role of the operational team to lead the operational work and to be responsible for the development of the supporting processes of the environment.