Once per year we give the SPARK Award to one or several projects within SPARK. The winner (-s) are presented during SPARK's annual conference.

The purpose of the SPARK Award is to acknowledge research -  and education projects, within SPARK, that has shown excellent coproduction with their business partners. The nominations are based upon the feedback that comes from the companies through SPARK EKG.

Winners 2019

Project Managers Per Hilletofthexternal link, opens in new window (project Reshoring I) and Ehsan Ghassemaliexternal link, opens in new window (project HINT).

Per Hilletofth and Ehsan Ghassemali


Reshoring – Project Manager Per Hilletofth

Thanks to the project, we have gained an internal awareness of what needs to be done in connection with the relocation of activities to Sweden. The project has met all our expectations and we are very satisfied as a whole. It has been very rewarding, and exciting, to work with the School of Engineering - everyone involved is very talented. We can't help but give them the best rating!

HINT – Project Manager Ehsan Ghassemali

Being a part of HINT has given us new knowledge - real hands-on knowledge - and we have been testing completely new issues in optimizing the product development chain for casting products. This is a project that has really exceeded our expectations. Everything has worked very well. We have participated in many projects and HINT has been by far the best! Ehsan and the project receive the highest rating from us and if there is a new project in the future, we would like to be involved.

Content updated 2019-05-16