Jönköping International Business School
Box 1026
SE-551 11 Jönköping

Tel: +46 (0)36-10 10 00

  • Johan Klaesson

    Professor, Director of CEnSE
    Johan’s research interests include understanding the location of economic activity, economies of agglomeration, productivity and economic growth in regions and cities.
  • Mikaela Backman

    Associate Professor, Co-Director of CEnSE
    Mikaela’s research focuses on regional development and how the knowledge and skills of the individuals bring benefits to the individual, firm and location.
  • Sofia Wixe

    Assistant Professor, Economics, Co-Director CEnSE
    Sofia’s research interest is in regional economics, focusing on how location, human capital and diversity relate to economic outcomes at both individual, firm, and regional level.

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