Doctoral programmes at the School of Education and Communication

The postgraduate education at the School of Education and Communication started in 2003.

The Doctoral programme at the School of Education and Communication is a multidisciplinary centre with the aim to give doctoral students a diverse view on the concepts of Education and Communication. At the same time, the programme aims to give research students a possibility to generate in-depth knowledge in the specific subject of study.

An ambition of the programme is to ensure that doctoral students generate a network of associates with common interests, nationally as well as internationally. Another goal is to bridge the gap between practice and research in the different subjects. The programme is greatly in favour of collaboration with other institutes of higher education.

Fields of research

Doctoral students at the School of Education and Communications research within our research theme; the Conditions of Education and Communication. Their research is focused on one of five disciplines within the doctoral programme.

Research subjects at the School of Education and Communication.

The School of Education and Communication provides research studies leading to a doctoral degree in the following subjects:

  • Education
  • Disability Research
  • Media and Communication Studies
  • Education with Specialisation in Didactics
  • Education with Specialisation in Special Education


Director of Research Education, School of Education and Communication

PhD Students

Weronica Ader
Lars Almén
Susanne Almgren
Susanna Anderstaf
Andrea Atterström
Karin Bertills
Peter M. Björk
Git Blomberg
Björn Bradling
Karin Bybro
Marie Carlsson
Anna-Lena Ekdahl
Hannes Ewehag
Maria Hammarsten
Henrik Hansson
Heléne Hugo
Per Håkansson
Kerstin Klavebäck
Britta Larsson Lindberg
Carina Leffler
Britt-Marie Leivik-Knowles
Andreas Magnusson
Anne-Sophie Naumann
Anders Nersäter
Per Ohlsson
Cecilia Rosenbaum
Charlotte Sjödahl
Madeleine Sjöman
Ulrica Stagell
Mari Ylenfors
Pia Åman
Frida Åström

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Doctoral Programmes
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