JIBS arranges an annual student competition to stimulate entrepreneurship and creativity. The competition is developed to foster cross-disciplinary thinking and teamwork among students from School of Engineering and Jönköping International Business School.

Each year a different company is invited to present a problem they are encountering. The teams are then allowed 24 hours to come up with a solution and prepare a pitch to sell it. On the final day they pitch their solutions to a jury.

The best pitches are repeated in a grand finale, open for all students and faculty. Winning team and runner ups get prizes for the equivalent of up to 130.000 SEK in total. 

JIBS Entrepreneurship Challenge 2020

The Grand Final of the JIBS Entrepreneurship Challenge 2020 was held on April 1st. This year, due to the coronavirus outbreak, and in line with Jönköping University's decision to transition to more digital operations, the challenge took place fully online, and not on campus. 

The following challenge was emailed out to the students:

“Building upon our current but incomplete knowledge, your task is to present a business idea based on the emerging entrepreneurial opportunities that can bring light in the shadow of Covid-19.”

The teams then had 48 hours to come up with a solution, make a 7 minute filmed presentation of their pitch, and then send it to a panel of jurors made up of representatives from the Aktiestinsen Foundation, Science Park and Jönköping International Business School (JIBS).


JIBS Entrepreneurship Challenge is based on a donation from the Lennart “Aktiestinsen” Israelsson’s foundation. Lennart Israelsson, born in 1916, made his fortune buying stocks. He bought his first stock in 1946 for 600 sek and at most the value of his portfolio grew to over 140 million sek!

Entrepreneurship Academy

This year's challenge is arranged by the student association Entrepreneurship Academy on JIBS. Entrepreneurship Academy's mission is to promote and foster entrepreneurship among students at Jönköping University. Through workshops, lectures and events, their vision is to enable students to turn their ideas into a reality.

Read more about Entrepreneurship Academy here.external link, opens in new window

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Photos from previous awards ceremonies

The winners 2020

The winners of the JIBS Entrepreneurship Challenge 2020 are....


Julia Blomberg (JIBS); John Synnes (JIBS); Vivien Geschwind (JTH) and Raghunandan Bangalore Rajanna, (JTH) with their solution "Unifi".

Group photo of team 4. Two men and two women, whereof one is shown on a computer.

The team's answer to the challenge was to create an application that would help people in need during a difficult situation, such as a virus outbreak. The app connects people, thereby building a community that can offer help to each other -  for example, buying groceries or helping out with childcare.

The jury said that the solution was “An immediate and simple solution to bring relief by combining community building with the power of solidarity and the gig economy.”

Well done Team 4!


Second Prize: Team 3 - Rein te Winkel (JIBS), Arne Ibo Stein (JIBS) and Jasper van der Ster (JTH) with their solution "Smart Hero". 

Third Prize: Team 6 - Katharina Müller (JIBS) Anton Karlsson (JIBS) and Charles Aubert (JTH) with their solution "Shop Local".

Science Park Prize for Best Pitch:
Team 3 -
Rein te Winkel (JIBS), Arne Ibo Stein (JIBS) and Jasper van der Ster (JTH).
See Team 3's winning pitch below.


See all the motivations for the jury's selection of winners and runners up herePDF

Video: Message from the Entrepreneurship Academy to all competitors and announcement of winners. 

Previous Winners

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