School of Engineering

The School of Engineering is one of four schools that are part of Jönköping University. It is our vision to be leaders in Europe in developing and spreading new technology and knowledge that reinforce the international competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The School of Engineering focuses on preparing students for achievement in business and developing specific working methods aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises.

Courses have a broad technical knowledge base to equip students with engineering skills and stimulate an entrepreneurial spirit. The educational programmes are unique in that they also provide knowledge from topic areas other than technology, such as leadership, communication, business and ecology.


The JU Solar Car on an empty arena

Our new Solar Team is preparing for a new competition in 2020 and a new strategy for the World Solar Challenge in 2021.

Purple map displaying the locations of the School of Engineering's international campuses

Our international activities increase in other parts of the world. We are developing new campuses in South-East Asia, Brazil, Mexico and North America.

Two students in the entrance hall of the School of Engineering

The School of Engineering offers education at bachelor, masters and doctoral levels (first, second and third-cycle levels), and 2-year courses at university college level and higher vocational education level. Contact with industry is an important part of our education in order to ensure that the education is anchored in reality, and to acquire practical experience.

Students in the university library

Research and third-cycle education are targeted at Industrial product realisation in cooperation, especially applications for small and medium-sized enterprises. Research takes place in collaboration with companies, research institutes and other university colleges of technology, in common projects.

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Jönköping University has about 350 partner universities worldwide. This means that students as well as faculty have great oppotunities to take part of exchange programmes and gain international experience.

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School of Engineering collaborate extensively with industry in order to give our students education that will meet market demands. The collaboration gives the students the opportunity to have close contact with a company during the education and thereby combine theory with practice.

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Jönköping University and School of Engineering has the degree-awarding powers in the area industrial product realisation, with three third-cycle subject areas: machine design, material and manufacturing, and production systems.