Nivå: Avancerad nivå
Ansökningstid: 2021-03-15 - 2021-04-15
Programstart: Höst 2021
Ort: Jönköping
Examen: Teknologie Masterexamen med huvudområdet Produktutveckling, inriktning Supply Chain Operations Management, 120 hp

The program provides competencies in supply chain operations management by integrating supply chain management, operations management, industrial engineering and work organization. The interdisciplinary approach of this program offers unique opportunities to learn, practice, and gain appropriate knowledge and skills to manage integrated systems in directing, designing and developing sustainable operations for network-based delivery of products and services. In relation to this, emphasis is put on integrating aspects of sustainability, and digitalization and connectivity, into every course. Throughout the education, extensive experience is gained in problem-based learning where real-life issues are incorporated, while practicing constant application of communication and presentation skills in various decision-making constellations.

A substantial part of the studies is done as projects addressing real industrial problems in different types of organizations. Several courses include field trips and guest speakers from the industry to further strengthen the link between education and practice.

The third semester offers the opportunity to follow an elective research track where the student combines an industrial placement with participation in a senior research project.

The second year provides a unique opportunity for the students to tailor their own specific competence profile by taking elective courses at our international campuses or partner universities. JU and the School of Engineering collaborates with several partner universities and offer a number of international campuses.

Graduates will be highly skilled engineers with extensive knowledge on supply chains and operations of the future markets, with the ability to maneuver within a sustainable, complex, digitalized, global system as operations managers, industrial engineers, or supply chain managers. Further, graduates will be equipped with academic know-how in conducting research, managing projects, and collaborating effectively in interdisciplinary settings. This shall create suitability to be employed by research institutes, universities and within research and development functions.

Programmet Supply Chain Operations Management (master) ges vid Tekniska Högskolan
Omfattning: 120 hp
Nivå: Avancerad nivå
Språk: Undervisningen bedrivs på engelska
Studietakt: Helfart
Ort: Jönköping
Studieform: Campusbaserad
Programstart: Hösten 2021
Urval: Grupp 1: Examen om minst 180 hp. Rangordning sker efter betyg. Grupp 2: 150-179 hp. Rangordning sker efter antal avklarade poäng.
Behörighet: Examen om minst 180 hp med lägst 90 hp i huvudområdet maskinteknik, industriell organisation och ekonomi, datateknik eller byggnadsteknik eller motsvarande svensk eller utländsk utbildning. Dessutom krävs 15 hp i matematik samt kunskaper i Engelska 6/Engelska B eller motsvarande.
Anmälningskod: HJ-MS188
Examen: Teknologie Masterexamen med huvudområdet Produktutveckling, inriktning Supply Chain Operations Management

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Year 1

Introduction to Supply Chain Operations Management, 7.5 hp

Advanced Research Methods in Supply Chain Operations Management, 7.5 hp

Operations Strategy and Innovation, 7.5 hp

Designing Supply Chain Operations, 7.5 hp

Deliver: Strategy, Planning and Operations, 7.5 hp

Leading Sustainable Operations, 7.5 hp

Developing Sustainable Supply Chain Operations, 7.5 hp

Leading Advanced Technical Systems, 7.5 hp


Year 2

Elective courses, 30 hp, choosing among several different tracks:

Lean and Six Sigma for Sustainable Operations, 15 hp

Research track: Industrial Placement in Supply Chain Operations Management, 7.5 hp and In-depth Project Work in Supply Chain Operations Management, 7.5 hp

Business Administration track: Entrepreneuring; Person and Process, 7.5 hp and Managing Responsibility for Corporate Sustainability, 7.5 hp

Product and Production development track: Integrated Product Realization, 7.5 hp, and Integrated Product and Production Development, 7.5 hp or Automation: Challenges and Possibilities, 7.5 hp

Product Realization Project, 15 hp

Mathematical statistics, 7.5 hp

Master’s thesis, 30 hp

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