Materials and Manufacturing

Teknologie magisterexamen med huvudområdet Produktutveckling, inriktning Material och tillverkning, 60 hp

Studieort: Program via nätet

Programstart: Hösten 2020

Products are tending to become more complex with greater demands on performance, energy consumption, environmental impact and costs. Casting is the most used method to manufacture components, which provides enormous freedom when it comes to developing innovative, knowledge-intensive and sustainable solutions for increased industrial competitiveness.

The Master’s programme in Materials and Manufacturing is developed in a collaboration between the School of Engineering, Swedish Foundry Association, Swerea SWECAST and the foundry industry. The industry is involved in lecturers, with expertise, study visits, and through a collaboration on relevant projects.

The courses are in English and are mostly web-based, for example through video lectures, discussion forums and e-meetings. Meetings in Jönköping for laboratory work is never mandatory but can occur in some of the courses. You will study half-time, which means that you can choose to combine your studies with work. 

The Master’s programme is interdisciplinary and includes aspects such as:

  • solidification of cast metals, cast metals processes, heat treatment, defect and failure analysis
  • the relationship between mould filling, solidification of metals, defect formation and performance of castings
  • predictive tools to simulate the complex relationship between the cast metal and the processes that make it possible for the engineer to further optimize cast components without compromising performance.

Connect theory with practice

Through the courses it is possible to collaborate with partner companies, which facilitates the connection between theory and current professional practice. The courses offer the students opportunities to work with problems/challenges from professional practice related to current topics on the courses. The mixture of professionals and students from the bachelor level enables both networking and a connection between theory and practice throughout the programme.

International perspective

All courses are in English, as the programme recruits both Swedish and international students. Lecturers and experts from our international partners are also an important element.

Career prospects

The programme qualifies you for services in product development, the purchasing and quality departments at the foundries and end users of cast components, and it allows for a research career at institutions and/or universities.

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More information

Programmet ges vid Tekniska högskolan
Omfattning: 60 hp
Nivå: Avancerad nivå
Studietakt: Halvfart
Ort: Ortsoberoende
Studieform: Program via nätet
Språk: Undervisningen bedrivs på engelska
Programstart: Hösten 2020
Anmälningskod: HJ-MS145
Behörighet: Teknologie kandidatexamen eller yrkesexamen om 180 högskolepoäng inom Material och tillverkning, Maskinteknik, Kemiteknik, Teknisk fysik eller motsvarande. För yrkesexamen inom Kemiteknik och Teknisk fysik ska relevanta kurser inom Materialteknik, Tillverkningsteknik, Termodynamik och Hållfasthetslära ingå. För Kemiteknik ska även relevanta kurser i fysik finnas. Dessutom krävs 21 högskolepoäng i Matematik samt kunskaper i Engelska 6 eller Engelska B.
Urval: Examen om minst 180 hp. Rangordning sker efter antal år av kvalificerad, relevant yrkeslivserfarenhet enligt följande poängsystem: 10 år eller mer, 7 poäng 7 till 9 år, 5 poäng 3 till 6 år, 3 poäng 1 till 2 år, 1 poäng Mindre än 1 år, 0 poäng
Examen: Teknologie magisterexamen med huvudområdet Produktutveckling, inriktning Material och tillverkning

Year 1

Component Casting 6 credits
Melting and Casting of Ferrous Alloys
3 credits
Moulding Materials in Foundry Technology
3 credits
Environmental Impact Assessment of Castings
3 credits
Material Testing and Characterisation 6 credits
Failure Analysis
6 credits
Cast Design and Calculation
3 credits

Year 2

Microstructural Engineering 6 credits
Analysis of Casting Defects
3 credits
Modelling and simulation of castings
6 credits
Final Project Work in Product Development 15 credits

Fristående kurser

I mån av plats kan kurserna inom programmet ges som fristående kurser. Mer information om detta ges efter att ansökningstiden för programmet gått ut. Läs mer här.

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