VFU abroad at HLK

VFU abroad at HLK

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As a student at the School of Education and Communication you have the opportunity to do an Internship period (VFU) abroad.

By placing your VFU abroad you gain valuable knowledge, both on a professional and personal level. You get a better understanding of other cultures, societies and languages. International experiences also allow you to broaden your views, learn how to handle new situations, and at the same time you will learn new things about yourself.

Usually the student is responsible for finding an VFU placement and getting a contact. To find a VFU location abroad, you need to start planning well in about six months before the VFU period takes place. This is because there are many practical details such as visa to consider.


If you have questions regarding your VFU placement and credit rating, talk with the senior faculty administrator for your program. This is the person who approves your VFU placement.

Travel grant

If you are a program student at HLK and if you do your VFU abroad you can apply for travel allowance. The allowance, which is SEK 4,000, can be applied for once during your study period and is granted to all those who meet the above criteria. You apply for the grant on a special form and you must apply before you travel. The form is submitted to the VFU coordinator.