Content updated 2019-03-13

Why go on exchange?

An exchange semester abroad has many benefits. It is an interesting, fun and enriching experience and it is also a career enhancer. Here is a list of some of the many benefits available to you if you choose to study abroad!

1. Experience a foreign culture!

One of the top reasons for studying abroad is the opportunity to experience a foreign culture and see the world. Being fully immersed in a new environment and culture on a day-to-day basis gives you new perspectives on life.

2. Learn a new language

One of the best ways to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in the new environment and culture and have fun while you learn – this is so much better than learning a language in a classroom environment!

3. Personal Development

Taking the opportunity to live and study abroad gives you an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, be innovative and independent, take initiatives and make new cross-border relationships. Studying abroad tests your ability to adapt to diverse situations and to solve upcoming challenges.

4. Professional Development

If you study abroad you have the opportunity to expand your global network while connecting with locals and fellow exchange students and sometimes companies. Studying abroad will most likely increase your understanding of other cultures and how to work efficiently with people from various backgrounds.

5. Career Opportunities

Studies abroad are very valuable in your professional life and attractive to employers. Add your studies abroad to your CV, and you are likely to stand out in a recruitment process.

6. Have Fun!

Undertaking part of your study abroad is FUN! You have the opportunity to make new friends and contacts, explore new places and a new culture, try a new cuisine, experience new customs and learn about new educational methods and business practices.

7. Be an ambassador for Sweden and Jönköping University!

Internationalization is important to Jönköping University and gives you access to an international learning environment. Studying abroad gives you an opportunity to talk about Sweden, Swedish culture and to be a good ambassador for Jönköping University. You will have many opportunities to inspire prospective students to come to Jönköping for a part of their own educational journey. 

Take the chance and study abroad!