Meet a student ambassador

Interview with Mathilda Karlsson, former student ambassador.

Why did you become a student ambassador?

I have always liked to talk, both in front of an audience and with people in general. Since I from the start was so comfortable at JIBS and JU and had liked being a student ambassador at my high school, for me it was a given to share that feeling with more people.

What is the best with being a student ambassador?

The conversations. Some peeople you have a really great conversation with and it is amazing to feel that you are a part of guiding someone in one of their greatest decisions in life. The very best thing though, is to meet someone in the corridor at JU which you met at an educational fair a year before. Then you feel that you actually made a difference.

What is your best memory as a student ambassador?Sacomässan (Stockholm) 2016! There were so many people, I don't think I was quiet for even a minute! Also there was such a great group of supportive student ambassadors and we had so much fun together.

Funfact: I'm so proud of being an ambassador that I actually have the slogan from the 2017 JU-campaign tattoed under my foot.

Name: Mathilda Karlsson

Born in: 1995

Hometown: Habo

Programme: Civilekonom at JIBS

Years as a student ambassador: 4