Interview Victoria Andersson

Victoria studied mechanical engineering with a minor in production development and design, and had the rolse as the Team Manager in JU Solar Team 2017. Therefore, she took part in the team and competed with the solar car Solveig that finished as number 8 in BWSC 2017.

What did you study at Jönköping University?

I studied mechanical engineering with a minor in production development and design between the years 2014 and 2017. This technical program gives opportunity to combine complex problem solving and creative design.

What made you apply for JU Solar Team?

I have always been interested in working within the automobile industry, mainly since it gives the opportunity to be a part of the development of a product that has such a globally diverse customer range. The human need of transportation interests me, and I believe we will see a huge change in commercial vehicles in the next 10 years. The automobile industry has a large impact on the environment, and with my role as an engineer I have one goal: I want to make a change.

To have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge from my education, together with students from different programs at Jönköping University. The challenge of transporting a student-designed car driven by the sun 3000 km through Australia's environment really interested me. For me, applying to JU Solar Team was a must, and one of the reasons I applied to Jönköping University.

What role did you have in the project and what did the role entail?

I started as a Design Engineer in the Mechanics Team, as responsible for all hardware and mechanical parts in the car. Later I was appointed Team Manager with the main task of leading the Team in Australia. Everyone on the team always lined up where an extra hand was needed and we all learned invaluable lessons from each other. Electrical engineers who lined up at Marknads event and Business students from JIBS who helped to grind carbon fiber - all to get the car ready and meet the challenge of driving Solveig 3000 km through Australia.

What have you taken with you from beeing a part of the project?

In the team everyone always depended on each other's knowledge and trust toward one and the other. Every team member knew that it was impossible to succeed in this challenge alone. For one year we were not only building a safe and energy efficient car, but we were also building a strong team that together could manage every obstacle in our way. Some knowledge I carry with me every day; with commitment, knowledge, and trust can we together achieve greatness.

What would you tell someone that is thinking about applying to JU Solar Team?

You who are a student at JU have the opportunity to participate in a student project such as JU Solar Team, you are looking at a great opportunity! The chance to develop not only your knowledge but you also have the opportunity to assure chance of being a part a project that will stand out on you resume. To be a part of JU Solar Team will lead to a professional network that is invaluable for your future. Being a part of JU Solar Team is till today still one of the most challenging and exiting thing I have faced; it is a memory for life!

What happened after you participated in JU Solar Team?

With my degree from School of Engineering at JU and my experience from JU Solar Team, I started working as a project leader for companies such a Husqvarna and Volvo Trucks Technology. Now I am working as a Vehicle Project Coordinator at Lightyear in the Netherlands. I coordinate a project team that is in charge of presenting the world's first long range solar car. The solar car will have a range of 725 km. This job is a great opportunity to work with creative colleagues from all around the globe that have a lot of experience from companies such as McLaren, Tesla, and BMW. I would never be where I am today if it was not for my education at JU.

Lightyear is a company started by the World Champion of Bridgestone World Solar Challange, Eindhoven Solar Team. Everyone participating in BWSC just as JU Solar Team is a part of creative Indvidual's that desires to make a change through pushing the development of the futures vehicles and to push limits.

Lightyear - Clean mobility for everyone everywhere.

Source: Lightyear

Victoria Andersson in Australia 2017