Peter Blomstrand

Bitr professor/överläkare
Department of Natural Science and Biomedicine , School of Health and Welfare


+46 72-143 55 26
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Physician and specialist in Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine. Employed in the Jönköping County Region since 1994. Head of the Department of Clinical Physiology 1995-2013. Chief Physician (CMO) 2013-2021.


Dissertation at Linköping University in 1995 entitled "Echocardiographic Methods for Assessment of Coronary Artery Disease". Since then, conducting translational, clinical research based on cardiovascular function and health. The research area and cutting-edge expertise includes clinical physiology and diagnostic methods, preferably ultrasound examinations of the heart and vessels but also nuclear medicine techniques, cardiac MRI and lung physiological examinations with oxygen uptake measurements, impulse-oscillometric analysis and spirometry. Conducts research projects that evaluate cardiac function at rest and during exercise. Introduced new methods for diagnosing coronary heart disease. Analysed how exercise but also obesity and diabetes affects cardiovascular function and health. Studied how exercise-training at an elite level adaptation of the heart in size and function in children. Studied the effects of smoking on lung function. Finally studied how exercise can improve cognitive functions and learning in young adults. 


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Conference paper

Åström Malm, I., De Basso, R., Engvall, J., Blomstrand, P. (2021). Males with abdominal aortic aneurysm have reduced left ventricle function. Artery 21, 21-23 October 2021, Paris, France. More information

Other publications

Carlsson, E., Rundqvist, L., Blomstrand, P., Faresjö, M. . Enhanced immune response to a potent type 1 diabetes-related autoantigen is observed in endurance-trained boys. More information
Carlsson, E., Rundkvist, L., Blomstrand, P., Faresjö, M. . Endurance training during adolescence induces a pro-inflammatory response directed towards the diabetes-related autoantigen tyrosine phosphatase-2. More information