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Me & JU är Jönköping Universitys magasin där du kan läsa om oss och vår verksamhet.

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De närmsta veckorna avslutar över 1500 studenter sina studier på Jönköping University och det hålls flera avslutnin…
Great achievements are worth celebrating! During the Academic Ceremony 2018 the inauguration of 11 full professors…
The presidential installation and inauguration of full professors and conferment of PhDs at Jönköping University wi…
Welcome to the Spring Celebration at JU tomorrow Friday 27 April 13:00. Read more:
Berith Hedberg and Daniel Pittino win the Pedagogical prize at Jönköping University 2018. Read more:…
Today, Jönköping University welcomed Mexican Ambassador Agustín Gasca Pliego along with representatives from the E…
Idag är sista dagen att ansöka till höstens kurser och program. Läs mer och ansök direkt på
JIBS Entrepreneurship Challenge 2018 took place yesterday and all participating teams came up with great ideas for…
RT @P4Jonkoping: Direkt från högskolan – tio dagar kvar till sista ansökningsdagen
Jönköping International Business School at Jönköping University has received renewed EQUIS accreditation for anothe…


Vertikals är JIBS plattform för att göra forskningen mer synlig för en bred publik. Målet är att riva barriärerna mellan akademi och samhälle och ge möjlighet till en mer direkt dialog.

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Good luck to all graduate students from Jönköping International Business School, School of Education and Communication and Education and School of Health and Welfare. We are so proud of you all! Can’t wait ro see all the great things you will accomplish in the future. 🎓⭐️💜 #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju #graduation
Good luck in the future all students graduating from School of Engineering today. Well done! 🎓⭐️ #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju #graduation
There has been a little to no complaining about the weather the last couple of weeks, and the forecast looks the same ahead. 🙌☀️💦 #jönköpinguniversity
”To be nominated feels like a win in itself. In total, over 700 students from 27 countries where participating and I was one of nine nominees in my category. For me it means a lot to be a finalist, it is the first real confirmation that I am a good designer. It is a self confidence boost that I will have use for when I am starting my working career in the fall.” 🔝🌶🏆 - Dennis Lindberg, Master Student in Industrial Design at School of Engineering, and nominated for The RSA Student Design Award 2018 for designing the Spice Dispenser Delí. #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju #rsadesign
Always a nice feeling leaving campus on a sunny Friday 👋 even if you might study all weekend. 😉💻☀️ #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju #weekend
GLOBAL SWEDE AWARD 2018 Jönköping University were proud to nominate Anup Banerjee for the Global Swede 2018! Last week he received the award with the motivation that he embodies our guiding principles to be international, entrepreneurial and responsible in all we do. 🌍🇸🇪⭐️ #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju #globalswede 📸: Per E Karlsson/Regeringskansliet
🌟 GREAT ACHIEVEMENTS ARE WORTH CELEBRATING 🌟 During the Academic Ceremony 2018 the inauguration of 11 full professors and conferment of 35 PhD’s took place. Agneta Marell was also installed as new President at Jönköping University. #jönköpinguniversity #academicceremony 📸: Anna Hållams
Let’s hope the flowers on the cherry trees on campus stay pink for just a few more days. 🌸☀️🌸 #jönköpinguniversity #cherryblossom #spring
Study at JU - where global careers are born. Today 2 May is the international application deadline for programmes starting Autumn 2018. Send in your application now! #studyatju #jönköpinguniversity
Happy Valborg! Rain or sun - let’s celebrate spring. 🔥🌦😎 #valborg #jönköpinguniversity
A 24 hour hackathon with the future of Jönköping in focus is going down right now. Best of luck! 💬⌛️💡#sigmahack18 #jönköpinguniversity
Campus rule: when the sun is out, students are out. 🙌☀️☕️ #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju
The bridge to knowledge 🌟 The Swedish application deadline is today - you still have a few hours to apply! We look forward to seeing you here this autumn 👏⏳📚 #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju
🌟 WE HAVE A WINNING TEAM! 🌟 Congratulations team 10 who took home the 1st prize at JIBS Entrepreneurship Challenge yesterday. Good job all participating teams! We are impressed of your creative and entrepreneurial ideas. #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju
"The most fun part of working with JIBS Entrepreneurship Challenge has been that we got the trust to lead the largest entrepreneurship competition at Jönköping University. We have worked to create an improved, enlightening and inspiring event for the students and it has been fun to use our previous experiences in a new context, and at the same time we have developed our own teamwork and creativity. A great experience!" - Viktoria, Linnéa & Elise, project managers and students at JIBS If you are in Jönköping this Wednesday, make sure you don’t miss the Grand Final of JIBS Entrepreneurship Challenge. Read more at #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju
Congratulations to alumni Erik Hammar who won the Swedish MasterChef last night 🏆🍲👏 We hope the values and knowledge you received as a student here has contributed to where you are today. Best of luck going forward! #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju #sverigesmästerkock #masterchef 📸: @tv4
Happy Easter from today’s sunny campus. ☀️🐰🐥
”The EDUCARE programme has met my expectations in every way. One of the upsides with is the diversity among the students; we all have different backgrounds. I also like the international atmosphere: we’re 11 students from 9 different countries!” - Shelbi Taylor, student, EDUCARE. #studyatju #jönköpinguniversity
Well, it’s not every day your student overall gets to meet an elephant 👋🐘 Our current student Mark is right now representing JU in Uganda. 🇺🇬 #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju
This is Jönköping University. 💜 #jönköpinguniversity #studyatju

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