When your thesis has been finished and approved, you have to register it in DiVA, using your university user account.

In the digital archive DiVA all student theses are archived in electronic form.

By publishing your thesis in DiVA, you will make it freely available to anyone who is interested in your topic, anywhere in the world. It will be indexed in Google and other search engines.

For theses within bachelor- and master degrees: Do not forget to sign the "Final administration for thesis" form and submit it to your school. When the form has been handed in an administrator check your information in the study administration system Ladok and will then publish your thesis and make it searchable in DiVA.

This is what you have to do

What happens next?

  • When the "Final administration for thesis" form has been submitted the teacher will check all the information, add the credits, and send it to an academic administrator.
  • The academic administrator will then check that the PDF file is correctly uploaded to DiVA.
  • If you have entered e-mail addresses when registering the thesis you will get a notice when it is visible in DiVA.
  • Expect this process to take about a week.