On permanent links to full text documents

Why can't I copy the link directly from the web browser?

  • If you copy the link to a publication directly from the address field in the web browser in any of the commercial databases that the library subscribes for, it won't work from outside of the university network. The database can not identify whether you are a certified user. Therefore, a so-called proxy prefix is added to the link so that it will take you to the document via the library's proxy server.
  • The URL, i.e. the web address you can find in the web browser's address field, doesn't always include information about a specific publication. Such a URL will lead to the right web site, but not to the right publication.
  • When you search for a publication in a database, the URL will sometimes include so-called session data. If you copy the URL with this data, the link will probably not work next time since you will then have started a new session.
  • One of the advantages of creating links using our guide is that, in many cases, they will be much shorter. Thus, they will be much easier to manage in your reference list.

Content updated 2017-01-10