The following grading tables are used at the schools:

School of Education and Communication

School of Engineering

School of Engineering uses a National Grading Table which applies to all

students. In order to pursue the objective of making European grades more transparent, the ECTS grading scale based on a predetermined percentage structure with grades A-F has been replaced by a grading Table (EGT). EGT will provide, in a standard table form, the statistical distribution of grades. In other words, instead of trying to fit existing grading practices in a standard distribution scale, universities need only to determine the actual percentage of students who receive each ‘local’ grade. School of Engineering replaced the ECTS grading scale with EGT from the autumn semester 2014. The EGT table for each course will be included in the transcript of records for international students.


• Fail or pass

• Fail or 3 (pass), 4 (good), 5 (very good)

School of Health Sciences

Jönköping International Business School

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