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Industrial Product Realization in Collaboration 6 Credits

Course Contents

The course covers the different stages in the product realization process’ and provides a theoretical, organizational and scientific framework both generically and specifically for the different master programs.

The course includes the following topics:
- Content, working methods and environment conditions of the stages in the product realization process
- Relevant product development, industrial design and information technology methods
- Group dynamics, leadership and communication in the different stages of the product realization process
- Multicultural aspects of communication and work.


The applicant must hold the minimum of a bachelor's degree (ie. the equivalent of 180 ECTS credits at an accredited university) with at least 90 credits within the major subject Informatics, Computer Engineering, Interaction Design (with relevant courses in web programming), Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management or Civil Engineering or equivalent. Proof of English proficiency is required.

Level of Education: Master A1N
Course code/Ladok code: TIPR28
The course is conducted at: School of EngineeringLast modified 2018-05-24 11:34:02