Short News Bulletin

  • School Nurse defends Doctoral Thesis
    School Nurse and PhD-student Ylva Ståhl will publicly defend her doctoral thesis in Nursing Science on 27 April at School of Health Sciences.
  • Intensive Summer Course in Early Childhood Intervention
    In June CHILD at Jönköping University will host an Intensive Summer Institute within early childhood intervention for PhD-students and Master students. Participants and professors will come from Europe, the USA and South Africa.  
  • New guest researcher from Portugal
    Susana Castro, a new guest researcher from Porto University, has arrived in Jönköping. Susana Castro's research concerns the use of the ICF-CY in the context of early intervention and special education, focusing particularly on young children with autism spectrum disorders. During her research internship at Jönköping (until the end of June), she will be collaborating on various projects of the CHILD group.

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