Do not install Oracle Java SE

Oracle has changed its license management for the software Oracle Java SE 8. This software has previously been free to download and install, but is now being charged per installation, which will become very expensive. If we where to install this software on all JU's computers, it's estimated to cost 4 to 4,5 million SEK/year. 
JU is replacing the fee-charged Java version to a free version called AdoptOpenJDK. 

There are no technical obstacles for the staff to download and install the Java-version.
Usually the Java's software is packaged together with another software, and if this should be the case, it will during the installation process ask about installing Java, which you should say no to. 

You should not install Oracle Java SE, as this can be very expensive for JU. IT-service will regularly scan JU's computers for Java's software and automatically uninstall it.

All staff can run Java 8 Update 202 until JU has upgraded to KronoX. If Java has been removed from your computer you can install Java 8 Update 202 from Software Center.

OpenJDK JRE/JDK 11 (AdoptOpenJDK) can be installed from Software Center.

If you should still need the new Oracle Java version for your work, please contact IT Helpdesk to place an order for Oracle Java SE.