Research that falls under the Act concerning the Ethical Review of Research Involving Humans must be reviewed by the Swedish Ethical Review Authority

How to apply:

  1. Complete the digitial application form in PRISMA. Save the form as a PDF file.
  2. Enclose a research plan, short CV of responsible researcher and student (maximum 2 pages) any instrumentation (interview guide, questionnaire, description of experiments, etc.), letters to research subjects and the like.
  3. E-mail the complete application (including appendixes) to the secretary of the Research Ethics Committee,

    The application must reach the committee no later than 11 working days before the meeting at which the application is meant to be considered. Late or incomplete applications will be processed at the subsequent meeting. Observe that the application has to be submitted before the study starts.

The committee should be able to deliver an opinion to the applicant no later than 14 days after the application was considered.