Undergraduate Programmes

Jönköping International Business School offers 4 bachelor degree programmes delivered completely in English. All bachelor programmes require successful high school graduation in order to qualify for admittance, and there are certain language requirements to be met. It should also be noted that there is competition for places in all programmes.

Admission to these bachelor programmes includes the opportunity for qualified students to study abroad for one semester at one of JIBS' 180 partner universities situated on six continents.

All bachelor programmes are three years in length (180 credits).

Graduate Programmes

The master' programmes at JIBS draw upon our world-class research in areas such as entrepreneurship, international trade, regional economics, financial economics, informatics, family business, logistics, statistics, international tax law, business development and innovation. The programmes give you an opportunity to learn more about areas of high relevance to the business community and to public policy, and at the same time receive a thorough academic specialisation.

MSc in Business Administration, 60 credits

MSc in Business Administration, 120 credits

MSc in Economics, 120 credits

Among the benefits being in a 2-year programme of studies is that you are given an opportunity to study abroad at one of our partner universities in the first semester of the second year, and you receive an education that makes you better prepared to take on cutting-edge research and doctoral studies in a particular subject area. As an alternative to studying abroad in the second year, you may participate in elective courses at JIBS. Some of the elective course credit may be associated with an internship for a business or government related project (if you are successful at finding such an internship with academic merit), so real life experience can be included in your education.

Pathway Programme

The Pathway Programme is designed to enable you to reach your full academic and social potential while in Sweden. Our pathways are the best way to improve your English proficiency in order to meet the entry requirements for studies at Jönköping University.

If you meet the academic requirements for a programme, but lack the level of required English proficiency, you may apply to one of our pathway programmes. When you have successfully completed the programme you may enter into a pre-selected and eligibility assessed degree programme without any further testing. Choose one of our pathways to prepare you for a career and future employability.

Jönköping University offers different Pathway Programmes. 

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