Public lectures to be given by honorary doctors and professors at Jönköping University on May 4th

Jönköping University's biggest event of the year, the Academic Ceremony, will take place on 4th and 5th May. 35 doctors and 4 honorary doctors will be promoted, and 11 professors and the university’s president herself will be installed.

The academic ceremony of professors’ installation and doctors’ promotion at Jönköping University takes place every second years and is the school's biggest celebration. The academic ceremony is a sumptuous event, with many guests, beautiful costumes, speeches and live music.

On Friday the 4th May, the professors and honorary doctors will hold public lectures on various topics at Jönköping University between 9am and 2.15pm. The public is welcome to come and listen and learn more about the media landscape, artificial intelligence, casting and much more. Please note that places are limited.

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One of the lecturers is Deborah Finkel, Professor of Psychology at the School of Health and Welfare. She will talk about her work with the Swedish study on the aging of twins.
“I will be talking about my work with Swedish twin studies of aging. Researchers have followed the same twins over several years as they experience the aging process. It allows us to investigate genetic and environmental influences on within-person changes with age, which helps us identify targets for research and intervention. Our goal is to promote quality of life in older adults.” says Deborah Finkel.

Peter Olofsson, Professor of mathematical statistics at the School of Engineering, is another lecturer. He will be talking about branching processes.
“A branching process is a useful mathematical tool for describing populations of individuals - be it humans, plants, bacteria, or chromosomes - and addresses fundamental questions about extinction, growth, and composition of such populations,” says Peter Olofsson. “My talk will give an accessible introduction to the topic and give a few examples of how I, in my research, have applied it to problems arising in cell and molecular biology.”

On Saturday, 5th May, the actual installation and promotion ceremony will be held for specially invited guests. In addition to the professors being installed and doctors and honorary doctors promoted, Jönköping University's president, Agneta Marell, will be installed. She has been president since October 1, 2017.