Mexican Ambassador visits Jönköping University

On Monday 16th April, Mexican ambassador Agustín Gasca Pliego came to Jönköping University together with representatives from the embassy, consulate and ProMéxico (Mexico’s trade office).

The Mexican ambassador, Gasca Agustín Pliego (middle) with Jönköping University's vice president Mats Jägstam and representatives from Jönköping University, the Mexican embassy and consulate, and ProMéxico.

The visit began on Monday morning with a welcome from Jönköping University’s Vice President Mats Jägstam, who gave a presentation about Jönköping University to the ambassador and his colleagues. The visitors then moved on to listen to presentations at both Jönköping International Business School and the School of Engineering.

“It was very postive to meet the ambassador and talk about how we can continue to strengthen the collaboration between Jönköping University and our partners in Mexico. We are keen to strengthen the internationalisation of the university, not only by creating possibilities for our students in Mexico, but also by welcoming Mexican students here,” said Mats Jägstam.

Jönköping University has a long-term collaboration with universities in Mexico through international student exchanges, and welcomes a large number of Mexican students as exchange and summer students. The partner university Tecnológico de Monterrey (TEC) is one of the most attractive destinations for Jönköping University students in terms of exchange studies. In addition, college students have been in Mexico to conduct Minor Field Studies (MFS) - field studies for their degree projects.

At the moment, there is also development of cooperation with Swedish companies in Mexico, where engineering students from Jönköping University can do internship while studying in Mexico.


The ambassador gave a presentation about Mexico to staff and students.

Ambassador Gasca Pliego has been to Jönköping many times before but this was his first official visit to Jönköping University.

“I feel very happy to be here and think that Jönköping University is doing a wonderful job with its internationalisation,” said the ambassador. "The world is getting smaller and it’s good to see so many Mexican students doing well here. I am glad that Mexico is part of the university’s long-term plans.”

Towards the end of the visit, the ambassador himself gave a presentation about Mexico to staff and students of the university. Afterwards, some of the university’s Mexican students, and members of the local Mexican community had the opportunity to meet the ambassador in person.

“I’m glad that the ambassador talked about the accomplishments of our country,” said Jordan Hernandez Medina, an exchange student from Mexico who attended the presentation. “Many people focus on Mexico’s problems, so it’s good that someone is here to highlight our achievements.”

The ambassador met Mexican exchange students at Jönköping University.