The University and the Municipality in cooperation towards Jönköping Science City

"Jรถnkรถping Science City", a dynamic urban environment around the university with businesses, students, and research in a new collaborative environments. This is one of the initiatives in the long-term cooperation which was confirmed today between Jรถnkรถping University and Jรถnkรถping Municipality.

Four priority areas are included in the letter of intent that was signed today by Anita Hansbo, President of Jรถnkรถping University and Mayor Mats Green, Chairman of the Municipal Executive Board.

Together, the university and the municipality will:

โ€ข Work to develop Jรถnkรถping as an attractive city for students and researchers nationally and internationally.

โ€ข Create conditions for Jรถnkรถping Science City.

โ€ข Acquire expertise in areas of common interest.

โ€ข Work for international collaboration.

The idea of Jรถnkรถping Science City is to let campus grow, together with other parts of the community, to create physical environments where companies, students, researchers, labor representatives and other interested parties can meet and interact.

- Jรถnkรถping University is in the city center, and located right next to Science Park Jรถnkรถping. Moreover, we have the privilege of working in a municipality with a far-sighted vision for the city planning. We want to gather these energies to develop campus into a Science City where business incubators, researchers, business and public administration, as well as tens of thousands of students integrated into a dynamic urban environment with housing, meeting places, collaborations and cultural life, says Anita Hansbo.

- It is important to Jรถnkรถping that our university continues to develop and grow. By the letter of intent, we have agreed on a number of common priorities that will ultimately make Jรถnkรถping even more attractive to students, researchers and companies, says Mats Green.