CeFEO Research Grant

In 2019 CeFEO has initiated a Research Grant Program for supporting for 2 years a JIBS faculty member with a Ph.D. in conducting a research project in line with the Centre’s focus areas of family business and ownership.

The expected outcome of the CeFEO investments is the development of an application to external research grants on the topic and at least one publication ABS 3 (or above) from each grant recipient. The recipients are expected to be actively engaged with the center’s activities for the entire duration of the grant.

As of June 2021, the four grants are regularly payed by CeFEO to the recipients of the Grant.

The recipients are:

A Family Outlook to Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Marcela Ramirez-Pasillasexternal link, opens in new window

With the increase of threats faced on our planet due to climate change, poverty, and civil conflicts, this project responds to research calls for building an understanding of broader sustainability approaches and practices of family businesses. The project aims to examine the engagement of family in sustainable entrepreneurship.

LGB Family Businesses

Ryan Rumbleexternal link, opens in new window

Sexual minorities in family businesses: Dynamics, issues, and outcomes. This research would contribute to our understanding of how sexual minority members experience, work, and cope within family management settings, leading to practically applicable insights.


Transfer Pricing and Family Firms

Haoyong Zhouexternal link, opens in new window

The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of Corporate Governance on Transfer pricing practice by focusing on one crucial governance mechanism, ownership structure, to examine whether ownership structure has an impact on Transfer pricing practice. This project investigates whether family-owned multinational firms with concentrated ownership are more/less aggressive, relative to non-family ones with dispersed ownership, in Transfer pricing by taking advantage of tax rate differentials between countries in which affiliate firms operate.

Rituals in Family Business

Luigi Servadioexternal link, opens in new window

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