Orange Cyberdefense

Do you want to make the world a safer place?

Our mission to enable safe digital environments means being trusted advisors to our customers. It means being flexible and innovative. It requires all of us to be self-driven, making wise decisions governed by our core values. We base our success on the powers of initiative, discipline, and empowerment. We constantly challenge ourselves, our customers, and the world.

Follow your dream

Working at Orange Cyberdefense means working in an international environment with high pace and extensive growth with a well known brand within cyber security. This gives you the opportunity to develop professionally and make your mark with us.

We are experts within our field and we are all very passionate about cyber security, that is what unites us and brings the heart and soul into our business. We are all following our dream, want to follow your dream too?

Orange Cyberdefense is all about enabling digital trust.

We do that by…

■ being trusted advisors to our customers on their cybersecurity journey

■ supporting them with market-leading combinations of cybersecurity services

and technology

■ basing all our actions on our core values

■ giving instant feedback on actions, results, and behaviors in relation to our goals

and culture

■ being transparent, sharing knowledge and information freely to enable us

to make “the right” decisions, that take us closer towards our goal of safely

enabling business

By securing the world’s main communication platform and databases, we make the world a safer place. We look forward for you to be joining forces with us on our road to success. Let’s make the world a safer place!

Would you like to be a cyberdefender?

Our Values:

Respect for people and commitments: We keep our promises, commitments and time schedules. We respect and understand people´s disparities and different personalities. We have an open mind and are thoughtful of each other and work well socially in groups

Trust in each other: With a supportive management and by sharing responsibility we show that we are honest, reliable and trustworthy.

Simplicity in mind: When we minimize thresholds and unnecessary procedures, everything has greater meaning and value. It allows us to act smarter and to make faster decisions.

Innovation constant and always: We challenge ourselves and our decisions, both as individuals and as a group. We strive to continuously develop our skills and services.

Humble commitment (Sv. prestigelöshet): As team players we are unpretentious and focus on solving problems together, not on who or what is causing it. We share knowledge and experiences.