Annonser för HHJ

Annonser för HHJ

Asia Internship

Micro-finance Internship/Volunteering in Nepal

Continuous recruitment with flexible starting dates


(Placement also available in NGO support; teaching; public health; environment & conservation and so on)


Microcredit Cooperative Support Project is one of the most important initiatives within  Women’s Empowerment Program for promoting economic empowerment among community women.  


While it is estimated that 40% of Nepali women are engaged in economic work, their roles as mentors and labourers are not recognised. Often denied an education and ownership of property, they remain confined in menial jobs within agriculture. They cannot change their circumstances without access to credit or training.


Since 2007 our local team has worked with local community, empowering the women by supplying economic tools. Three years ago, our local team established an Agricultural Women Cooperative Limited, which has now benefitted over 500 women, offering a service of saving and credit. They are also encouraged to join the local agricultural office to buy products such as fertilisers and seeds at a subsidised rate. The ultimate aim is for the microcredit cooperative to run autonomously within the community.






Interns/Volunteers will support the continued work of the microcredit cooperative and to help drive it toward autonomy. You will do this by helping to train staff and board members, assisting the microcredit cooperative in developing financial strength, educating and empowering the board members to take over the cooperative and helping the board to locate and pursue networking opportunities. You will usually work six days a week, four or five hours each day.




Finance/Economic background
Travel experience 
Open to cultures 
Speak decent English






Great opportunity of interning in Nepal and gaining international working experience
Travel opportunities to explore this mysterious country
Reference Letter from Host Company and Completion Certificate upon completion
Meet likeminded people from all over the world 



This opportunity requires participation fee to provide airport pickup, accommodation, food and local team’s support .


For price details and inclusions please go to


You will be expected to receive the following services:
Visa guidance
Airport Pick-up
Accommodation - local host family
Life & Travel suggestions
Cultural activities
24/7 support
Completion certificate & Reference letter


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