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Asia Internship

Biology Research Technician Internship/Placement in China


Biology Research Technician Internship/Placement in China


Continuous recruitment with flexible starting dates (other bio-tech Placements available)




Host Company Profile

The host company is a vaccine manufacturer in China. Established in 2009, it is located in the Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, one of the best hi- tech industry parks in China. Built on 5.4 acres of land with 77,000 square meters (828,800 square feet) of research and manufacturing facilities, it focuses its efforts on vaccine R&D, manufacturing and marketing, and offers both consultation and technology transfer services to its clients. The company is also a contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) serving the biopharmaceutical industry worldwide. It offers a fully integrated range of services in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, mainly focusing on the vaccine industry and support companies, from the earliest stage in process development through clinical trials to market supply. With cGMP inspected facilities in all scales as well as built-in quality management systems, it will provide a variety of CMO services.

Job Responsibilities

Complete the research and development of this position;
Assist the superior to carry out relevant pilot-scale process amplification and registration batch sample preparation;
Assist the superior to carry out the project writing and registration of the project;
Complete other tasks that the leadership confesses.



1. Bachelor degree or above in biology, organic chemistry, pharmaceutical preparations, etc.;

2. Have independent experimental work ability, and have experimental techniques such as immunology and molecular biology;

3. Understand the development process of liposome preparations, and be familiar with the use of conventional experimental equipment such as extruders and particle size analyzers;

4. Good English reading and writing skills, with a certain ability to listen and speak English;

5. Strong literature retrieval ability, good communication execution ability and teamwork spirit.


This opportunity require participation fee. 

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You will be expected to receive the following services:

• Visa Assistance - We provide invitation letter

• Pre-departure Package

• Airport Pick-up

• Accommodation - private bedroom in a shared accommodation

• City tour

• Welcome dinner

• Welcome Pack(local sim card, Travel Card, City Map ect)

• Life & Travel suggestions

• Possible stipend at work

• Regular monthly networking events

• Cultural activities

• 24/7 support

• Completion certificate & Reference letter

• Full-time job recommendations


To Apply

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