Annonser för HHJ

Annonser för HHJ

JL Closets

Paid Finance Trainee at JL Closets in the Miami, Florida area

Company: JL Closets

Host company homepage:

Duration of training period: 12 to 18 months

Start Date: November 1st, 2019

Compensation: Monthly stipend of $2000

Location: Miami, FL

Application Deadline: 08/01/2019


Contact Person: Bertta Järvinen

Contact E-mail:

Contact Phone: +1 202 536 1520




About the host company

The company has designed, manufactured and installed high-end custom home solutions in luxury properties in the Miami area for almost 27 years. JL Closets has evolved into a leader in the industry and was recently acquired by a Swedish-owned company based in Fort Lauderdale. The new owners have an aggressive plan for the company to grow in its local market and to expand the company to other cities within Florida and other parts of the U.S. The company has 35 employees and a loyal customer base with thousands of customers.


Job Summary & Responsibilities

The trainee/intern will help the company’s Swedish CEO develop and implement the company’s finance processes. The intern will be responsible for running day to day bookkeeping, financial analysis, cost review and more. The intern will also help analyze areas for cost cutting and negotiate rates with vendors.


In addition, the intern will help the company with various other strategic analyses and administrative tasks.


The trainee will learn directly from the CEO who has had senior positions within Private Equity firms in New York and Boston along with working globally in the consulting industry.


Required Skills

· Excellent English skills

· An interest in Accounting and Finance

· Graduated or close to graduation with a Bachelor or Master of Science in Business from a leading university.

· Strong Math Skills

· Analytical ability

· Advanced knowledge of Excel is preferred but not required

· Previous experience from the following industries: accounting, consulting or investment bank is preferred but not required




Bertta Järvinen

Application e-mail:


Expiration date

Period for which the assignment is intended
2019-11-01 - 2020-11-01

JL Closets

Trainee/graduate programme


  • Engineering/Product development/Industrial design/Production management
  • Industrial organization and economy/Production logistics
  • Other
  • Business, marketing


  • Jönköping International Business School