Annonser för HHJ

Annonser för HHJ

Otra Cosa Network

Specialist Office Volunteer (Software, graphics, design, photography)


For this role we need volunteers who have software skills. In this role you will be responsible for website design and maintenance, graphic design (in order to ensure that our newsletters, annual reports, social media, website and other documents look their best), MS Excel (as keeping our information in order is very important), Spanish translation of posts, photography and video (for our outputs, we need to ensure that we have high quality, up-to-date images that accurately reflect our work.)

We are flexible and welcome all hands on deck!

In your spare time we can help you arrange surfing, salsa and Spanish lessons.

For further information on the roles and requirements for working in the OCN office as a Specialist Office Volunteer, go to:



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Expiration date

Period for which the assignment is intended
2018-06-01 - 2019-09-01

Otra Cosa Network

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