At the School of Engineering you can go abroad through our exchange programme to one of JTH's partner universities. There are several possibilities. You can either choose to go abroad through our International Campus or study only courses abroad through our Traditional Exchange. Alternatively you can choose to only do your Industrial placement course abroad.

If you apply within International Campus you combine studies with your internship or your final project work with courses at a partner university in South-East Asia, Brazil, Mexico or the United States. If you instead apply to go as an exchange student to study fulltime courses you can choose from all of JTH's partner universities.

International Campus is not yet open to all programmes at the School of Engineering. Please read under the heading "Your programme" on the left hand side to find out about the available options abroad for your specific programme.

Depending on the program you are accepted to, the period for the application for exchange studies varies. Please find more information about when you can apply and go abroad under Step 1.