Linnaeus-Palme is a programme for teaching staff and students at university first-cycle (undergraduate) and second-cycle (graduate) levels. It shall stimulate long-term collaborations based on the mutual benefit created between higher education institutions in Sweden and developing countries. These collaborations are conducted in project form and build upon teacher and student exchanges.

The aim of the Linnaeus-Palme programme is to raise the quality of higher education by integrating global perspectives into the learning process. Because of this, Sweden and its collaborative partners are prepared to face global challenges. Participation in the programme is expected to have an impact on an individual level; teachers and students participating in the exchange, among other things, will gain increased competence in global issues and an enlarged contact network.

Students who participate in exchanges are believed to be better prepared for work in a global context.

The programme is administrated by the Swedish Council for Higher Education and financed by Sida, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

In order for students to be granted the scholarship they need to apply for exchange studies in Intapps, where it also shows which partner universities are taking part in the Linnaeus Palme collaboration.

If you are a student at School of Health and Welfare, see the student handbook for information.