Ellen Almers

Department of Subject Didactics and Global Studies , School of Education and Communication
Doctor of Philosophy


My dissertation was written within the research program Action Competence for Sustainable Development - stories of active youths, sponsored by Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning, Formas, 2006-2008. In my PhD project I studied how young people experience their acquisition and development of different aspects of action competence for sustainable development (i.e. in distance moral issues).

In the study, action competence for sustainable development includes both actions within the individual life style and actions on a more structural level with the aim to change life conditions. It also includes intergenerational and global responsibility. I found respondents through Internet and through active participation in different kind of activities for sustainable development organized by young people.

The theoretical perspective of my project is based on life-world phenomenology and the methodology is inspired by ethnography and narrative tradition.

After the dissertation I have initiated three research projects: Sustainability actions, Forest gardens in education and Multi-functional urban outdoor preschool settings and the promotion of health and ecosystem services: An investigation of collaborative processes. Tha latter project funded by The research council Formas. 


I have a background as science teacher (biology and chemistry) in lower and upper secondary school since 1986. Since 1995 I have been educating student teachers in science education and global environmental and survival issues at the School of Education and Communication. In 2010 I became the coordinator of the research platform Sustainable Development at HLK, School of Education and Communication and in 2017 the research leader for the group Sustainability Education Research (SER). I am associate professor in education, with specialization in natural sciences and sustainability.


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Book chapter

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Conference paper

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Doctoral thesis

Almers, E. (2009). Handlingskompetens för hållbar utveckling: Tre berättelser om vägen dit (Doctoral thesis, Jönköping: Högskolan för lärande och kommunikation).

Other publications

Hammarsten, M., Askerlund, P., Almers, E., Avery, H., Samuelsson, T. (2018). Developing ecological literacy in a forest garden: children’s perspectives.


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