Megan Simmons

At Pennsylvania State University, US, Megan Simmons takes five classes at a time and has exams throughout the semester. At the School of Education and Communication in Jönköping she took one class for five weeks.

"It was nice to be able to focus on one class only. I believe that allows for you to learn more if you are able to put all of your time into one class, rather than spread your time across five classes", she says and continues:

"Another important aspect of the university is the fact that it seems to be more concerned with students caring about what they learn. Rather than being tested all the time, I have found that there is more time for discussion, which I believe is more beneficial for learning."  

Megan is part of the CIRT programme, which allows students who are studying teachers' education to study abroad and learn about education in other countries. At Jönköping University she got the opportunity to meet students from all over the world.

"It allowed me to not only learn the Swedish culture, but also cultures such as Spanish, French, Dutch etc. Jönköping is a good place for students to broaden their horizons and learn about others. It is not every day that you can meet so many people from so many different countries and be able to study with them."

She enjoyed her everyday life in Jönköping and Sweden, especially the Swedish coffee break ("fika").

"I find it very relaxing and laid back here. Everyone takes the time to enjoy each other's company, especially when you go for fika. It has been nice to be able to sit for a couple of hours and enjoy each other's company, while trying different Swedish desserts."   

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