Elite sports

At Jönköping University you have the opportunity to combine your studies with pursuing an elite-level sport. 

As an EVL university, we afford students recognised as (prospective or current) elite athletes by the Special Sports Federations the opportunity to combine elite sport with university studies.

Our study counsellors assist with our elite athletes’ academic planning, taking into account the athletes’ sporting commitments.

We understand and accommodate our elite athletes’ need for flexible study options. For instance, the athletes may negotiate their study schedule, including timetables and assessment.

Jönköping University is recognised as an Elite Athlete Friendly University (EVL). We work closely together with the Swedish Sports Confederation and the Special Sports Federations.

How to apply

Complete the special application form found below and send the form to your special sports federation (SF). When you have received a signed certificate from your SF, submit the certificate to the university.

Elite Athlete Scholarship from the Swedish Sports Confederation and Svenska Spel

You have the opportunity to create a better chance of combining elite sports and higher education through a scholarship of SEK 50,000.

Contact Us

Contact us if you are interested in combining your elite athletic initiative with studies at Jönköping University.

Content updated 2018-11-02

Content updated 2018-11-02
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