How to get to Jönköping

Jönköping is strategically located in southern Sweden and is easy accessible by plane, bus, train or car.

Jönköping Airport has direct connections with Stockholm, Sweden (Arlanda Airport), and Frankfurt, Germany. Bus connections provide fast access to Jönköping from Gothenburg's Landvetter airport (125 km), and from Stockholm (360 km), and Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport (325 km), bus and rail services are available.

By Air

Jönköping Airport has direct flights to and from Stockholm, Sweden (Arlanda Airport) as well as Frankfurt, Germany. The airport is located 13 km from the city centre.

Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg has bus connections to Jönköping. Many international guests choose to fly to this airport (since it is the closest major airport to Jönköping) and take a bus to Jönköping centre (approx. 1hr. 30 min).

Arlanda Airport in Stockholm has direct flights to Jönköping. You can either take a plane to Jönköping or a bus.

Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen has train connections to Jönköping. You can purchase your train tickets on-line here. Destination to Jönköping is: Jönköping C

If you arrive to Gothenburg or Stockholm, we recommend you to travel by bus to Jönköping directly from the airports. You can purchase your tickets on-line here.

Destination to Jönköping is: JÖNKÖPING ReseC

By Bus

If you want to get to Jönköping by bus, Swebus has direct connections with several cities. For more detailed information, see the route map. For more information and timetables visit the Swebus website.

By Train

You can also get to Jönköping by train. For detailed information and routes please visit the SJ train website. Note: there is no train service from Gothenburg's airport to Jönköping, only bus service is available.


The following telephone numbers are for taxi services available in Jönköping:
Taxikurir: +46 (0)36 12 12 12
Taxi Jönköping: +46 (0)36 34 40 00
SverigeTaxi: +46 (0)36 31 31 31

Content updated 2017-10-25

Content updated 2017-10-25
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