Meet Zaheer from India

I have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from India and I wanted to go for design for my master’s. If you want to study these things, I think Sweden is the best option, because of the car industry. I’m really interested in creating new things for the future.

Zaheer Ahmed, student in Industrial Design.

Studying at Jönköping University is great. You have the freedom to express your thoughts and the professors give you their time. It’s also very peaceful. Every student in my programme has their own project with a company each semester. We don’t have regular exams; we do projects with companies instead.

There are lots of international students, it’s like you can meet the whole world in one small place. There are both international and Swedish students in my class, and everyone is really friendly. We are good at different things because of our different backgrounds, and we help each other. I’ve been working on a really exciting design project this last semester and now a Swedish company has hired me to work with them for nine months, developing the project further. I’m hoping it will go into production during 2015. I really like that about Swedish companies – they don’t say no. They say: "Let’s try it."

Zaheer Ahmen
Student, Industrial Design
School of Engineering

Content updated 2018-09-14