IKEA Upplyft

Student: Pablo Calvin

Project description: This project consists of the design of a concept for a portable assistive seat in collaboration with IKEA. The aim of the project is to create a solution that fits within the Omtänksam family of products and shares the company’s values of what is so-called Democratic Design

In collaboration with:

Project Collaboration with IKEA (Ongoing evaluation for possible development)

M.Sc. Thesis award from Science Park at Xjobbsmässan ‘18 (Jönköping University)

The Omtänksam Family is focused on products that can help the elderly to have a more comfortable life while blending with the home environment. A portable assistive Lifting Seat is a real need for many people that require some extra help when standing up or sitting down. The main goal of this project is to design a cheap, safe, simple and light product that can assist people for reducing the effort that is required from them. The product must be comfortable, easy to transport and friendly to interact with. Considering a mass manufacturing perspective is very important to meet the previously formulated requirements. The force that the assistive seat releases must keep performing efficiently during the product service life. A locking system must be provided for avoiding the lifting force to act when the user is sitting, assisting only when it is demanded. This Thesis describes the process of designing a concept for a Portable AssistiveLifting Seat involving different areas such as ergonomics, semantics, manufacturing, mechanical engineering and materials science. The design approach in this case is driven by the Democratic Design Principles combining the human-centered design with a market perspective. The result takes advantage of form and material for avoiding the need for any extra lifting mechanism. This solution is way simpler than any other one existing in the market and it integrates the solution for many different problems in one single piece. This simplification of the problem allows reducing the production cost and helps to meet the intended requirements creating an innovative product for the market.