Ongoing Research projects

Nature meets Network Society: Citizens’ Social Representations of Nature in Social Media

Researchers: Ulrika Olausson (project leader) and Peter Berglez

Funding: The Swedish Research Council Formas

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Can your attention save lives? Human rights intervention as digital business, or the making of a righteous fix

Researchers: Florencia Enghel

Funding: Partial support from Helge Ax:Son Johnsons Stiftelse (granted in June 2017).

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Prime-time protest? Screening the news coverage of transnational women’s strikes in global TV networks

Researcher: Florencia Enghel

Support: With in kind data provided by the Screening Protest project.

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Mapping Mediatized Controversies: Socio-political Online Social Networks Crossings Before and During the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Researchers: Renira Rampazzo Gambarato (Jönköping University)

Funding: CNPq/Brazil (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development)

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Cross-sector collaboration on climate change mitigation as a communicative challenge. What are the key success factors?

Contact: Peter Berglez, Professor of Media and Communication studies:

Otto Hedenmo, Doctoral candidate in Media and Communication Studies:

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