Media and Communication Studies

Media and Communication Studies is one of four research areas at the School of Education and Communication.



Ulrika Olausson

The media are permeating more or less our entire existence, and that is why the research field of Media and Communication Studies has grown rapidly over recent years. At Jönköping University, this research environment has a strong international profile. The international scholarly journal “Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies” is based here, and we are internationally well-recognized in the research field of environmental communication. Our research supports the Media and Communication Science Programme and the master programme International Communication.

Sustainable Journalism

The research environment Media and Communication Studies at Jönköping University is profiled towards journalism research and conducted within the research programme Sustainable Journalism. The aim of this programme is to develop knowledge about journalism’s contribution to a sustainable society as well as knowledge about the sustainable future of journalism itself.

Content updated 2017-11-06

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