Full Professors 2010

Jönköping International Business School

Leona Achtenhagen, Business Administration
Ethel Brundin, Business Administration
Mona Ericson, Business Administration
Sören Eriksson, Economic Geography
Scott Hacker, Applied Econometrics and International Economics
Lucy Küng, Media Economics and Management
Andreas Stephan, Economics
Lars-Göran Sund, Law 
Vivian Vimarlund, Informatics
Friederike Welter, Business Administration

School of Education and Communication

Helene Ahl, Business Administration
Elsie Anderberg, Education
Tobias Olsson, Media and Communication Sciences
Roland S. Persson, Educational Psychology
Ulla Runesson, Education

School of Health and Welfare

Boel Andersson Gäre, Quality Improvement and Leadership in Health and Welfare
Paul Batalden, Quality Improvement and Leadership in Health and Welfare
Johan Calltorp, Health Policy and Management 
Maria Faresjö, Biomedical Laboratory Sciences
Arne Gerdner, Social Work
Kajsa-Mia Holgers, Disability Research

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