Julie Reed

Julie is a self-confessed ‘critical optimist’. 

Julie Reed

She believes that things really can be better than they currently are, but that we are not going to make progress by glossing over the challenges we face. She believes to move forward we must critically examine these problems and uncomfortable truths. Julie’s willingness to tackle such challenges has been the foundation of the major successes of her career, for example: shining light on the reality of using quality improvement methods in healthcare.

Julie transitioned into healthcare in 2006, following completion of her PhD in chemistry, and brought with her a a fresh perspective and a whole host of “stupid questions”. In 2008 Julie co-founded an innovative hybrid organisation (NIHR CLAHRC NWL) which has brought together academics, healthcare practitioners, and patients to work collaboratively with a shared purpose: improving health and care.

Grounded in her lived experiences and leadership of a multi-million-pound research programme, and drawing on her extensive personal research, Julie brings a unique, honest and insightful perspective to the major challenges of improving healthcare.

Email: julie.reed@juliereedconsultancy.com

Twitter: @julie4clahrc

Content updated 2020-01-24

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