Teaser session

Introducing Teaser sessions: A new way to present your research

We introduce Teaser sessions: a new format to increase the exposure and significance of posters, and give as many authors as possible a chance to present their work at MCWASP.

A Teaser is a pre-recorded video which is 2-2.5 minutes long, where you as an author can use your creativity to stir the interest of the audience and attract people to your poster. We plan to show 10 Teasers each day in a Teaser session in-between Oral sessions. In the afternoon you will also present your poster the traditional way in the Poster session.

Making a Teaser for your Poster is optional, and if you are interested in making a Teaser you must register your interest (see below).

Demo Teaser

To demonstrate the Teaser concept, we have prepared an example. This Teaser was filmed with a smartphone and edited using a free video editing tool.

Sign up for Teaser

Sign up for a Teaser in Easychair as soon as possible, at the latest 15/12 2019.

  • Log in to Easychair using this link
  • View your submision
  • Select "Update information" on the menu on your right
  • In the field Poster presentation type, select "Teaser and Poster" (or if you don't want to make a Teaser, select "Poster only")
EasyChair: Update information
EasyChair - Poster presentation type


The number of Teasers is limited to 30 (3 sessions with 10 each). If more authors than this have registered their interest by 15/12 2019, the local organizing committee will select 30 Teasers among the ones that have signed up. Notifications of acceptance for Teasers will be sent out as soon as possible after 15/12.

Instructions for Teasers

  • Teasers must be submitted before 15 May 2020.
  • Teasers must not exceed 150 seconds in length (2 minutes 30 seconds)
  • Teasers should not be shorter than 120 seconds (2 minutes)
  • Teasers should be upploaded in a MOV, AVI or M4A file format. Ensure a high resolution and quality of the video as well as the sound. Detailed file specifications and instructions will be presented here in January 2020.
  • Together with the Teaser, a photo/picture/image of the presenter or authors should be uploaded along with a short Teaser title (not necessarily the same as the poster title). This will be used for an introduction of each Teaser at the conference.


A Teaser does not stand for itself, but must be accompanied by a Poster. See further instructions on the Poster session page.

Teaser awards

Each day the audience will have the chance to vote, and an award for Teaser of the Day will be announced.

At the end of the conference, a Best Teaser will also be announced. This Teaser will be selected by the Poster committee based on both the scientific level and the overall quality of the Teaser.

Content updated 2019-10-29

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